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Be Radiant!

At Barefoot Artisan Soap Company our philosophy is "No matter your skin type, you deserve to look and feel your best,'" so our products are created without harsh chemicals or parabens, leaving you feeling confident, sexy, attractive and strong.

It is our belief that every person, every thing, every spec of dust, every beautiful and terrible, still and chaotic thing created, radiates a powerful energy.

Now... awaken that abundant energy and let your radiance shine!

See what people are saying...

I love every bar I have got. You can really tell a difference in your skin. Little Black Dress and Fresh Linen smells wonderful!

Novemeber 30, 2020

Amanda Tolbert

Wonderful soap, makes my skin squeaky clean. I've tried several different kinds and they're all wonderful. I highly recommend you trying the linen.

Novemeber 4, 2020

Wendy Burks

I personally love this company! The Orange Lavender soap really peaks my interest the most, it cleans very well and smells remarkable! I highly suggest buying from this company!

October 7, 2020

Scarlett Pinkard