Ingredient Attributes


We research and choose all natural ingredients based on what they do for your skin, hair, and body. While natural ingredients are generally safe to use on most skin types, there is always the chance that you might be allergic or irritated by an ingredient. Always test a product on a small area of your skin before applying to a larger area.

We believe that balance of the soul, body, mind and environment is key to wholeness and healing. We also believe that Nature provides everything needed to maintain that balance.

Disclaimer: This page is general informational knowledge that can be derived from doing your own research via the internet or printed text. It is in no way to be constituted as medical advice or knowledge that should be obtained from a medical practitioner

Activated Charcoal Contains antibacterial properties that may help lift bacteria from the pores; aids in reducing acne/blackheads; aids in an overall healthier complexion
Aloe Vera Juice Soothes and refreshes skin
Arrowroot Powder Provides relief to skin irritations including rashes, acne, skin sores; improve skin texture, reduce oiliness; anti-inflammatory.
Apricot Seed Oil Packed with Vitamin C & E; helps improve skin tone; helps skin maintain softness and radiance
Argan Oil Helps treat acne and minimize the appearance of scarring; helps reduce redness; excellent for sensitive skin;  reduces dandruff, prevents dryness, reduces itchiness, and nourishes the beard; it will not clog pores or leave your face and beard feeling too oily and greasy
Avocado Oil Helps combat dullness and dryness; helps increase collagen production
Almond Oil, Sweet Helps skin appear healthy; helps reduce puffiness; improves complexion and skin tone; contains protein, biotin, and magnesium that promote beard growth; hypoallergenic- prevents and reduces bacteria and inflammation from the scalp which is usually the cause of our severe scalp issues, and acne breakouts; helps reduce dandruff in the beard by moisturizing, thereby helping keep the pores clean
Beeswax Creates a protective layer on skin; humectant; natural exfoliator
Brown Sugar, Light Has anti-bacterial properties and glycolic acid that keeps your skin radiant and healthy; as a natural humectant, it draws moisture from the environment into your skin
BTMS-50 Gentle emulsifying and conditioning agent, perfect for both hair and skin; leaves skin feeling silky smooth and conditions hair like no other emulsifier available; leaves skin with a lovely, silky, powdery feel
Calendula Oil Contains oleanolic acid, lupeol, quercetin, alpha amyrin, and beta amyrin which provides antioxidant protection, soothes skin and reduces discomfort; can soothe skin inflammation that is triggered due to acne, sunburn, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema
Castor Oil Penetrates the skin and helps to stimulate the body’s production of collagen and elastin, which can soften and hydrate the skin; has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce swelling and puffiness;  traditionally known for its healing properties against eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, and other skin conditions; increases blood circulation which brings oxygen supply to the hair follicles; smooths the hair and gives it shine without weighing it down or looking greasy; stimulates the hair for stronger growth
Cayenne Pepper Thought to reduce chronic neuropathic pain by making nerves insensitive to pain messages
Cedarwood Lavender Essential Oil Has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties; helps fortify the skin against microbes, eliminate infection, decrease inflammation and peeling; helps diminish the appearance of stretch marks, soothe eczema and acne, facilitate wound healing 
Cetyl Alchohol Emollient; softens and smooths flakiness on the skin helping reduce rough, dry skin; provides a layer of protection that helps prevent water loss from the skin
Chamomile Extract Contains anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties promoting healing for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns;  supports skin's blood flow and circulation
Citric Acid Promotes exfoliation and skin cell turnover; antioxidant
Cocoa Butter Hydrates skin; creates a protective barrier that holds in moisture and prevents skin from drying
Coconut Oil Helps reduce inflammation; promotes wound healing; contains antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties
Coffee Grounds, Dark Roasted Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase blood flow; may help decrease the appearance of sun spots, redness, and fine lines
Colloidal Oatmeal Made from ground oats; creates a protective barrier on the skin that helps prevent moisture loss and block bacteria; emollient; contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects help improve dryness, scaling
Dead Sea Salt

Salt from the Dead Sea in Israel, the world’s most saline lake. Its 30% salt composition has proportionately more calcium, magnesium, bromine, zinc and potassiumknown for its healing properties since Biblical times, Dead Sea salt has been used to treat various skin conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis; boosts hydration and reduces inflammation

Distilled Water Water that has been stripped of contaminants and minerals so it's even better for your skin; a pure form of water, without salts and impurities; pH around 5 which is closer skin's pH
Eucalyptus Essential Oil Antibacterial, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory; has been shown to treat eczema and acne flare-ups, as well as promote wound healing and provide pain relief for minor cuts and scrapes  
Emulsifying Wax Sourced from naturally occurring fats and esters; binds oil and water, improving the consistency and texture of final products without leaving a greasy film on outer skin after application
Evening Primrose Oil Powerful anti-inflammatory; helps enhance elasticity
Flaxseed Oil Also called linseed oil, has a high concentration of Omega-3 which helps the skin repair itself; anti-inflammatory; soothes dry, irritated skin, but can also help get rid of acne, or prevent it; helps alleviate symptoms of psoriasis and eczema
Fragrance Oil Fragrance oils used in our products are phthalate free; synthetic fragrance infused in a natural carrier oil; deemed safe for use and incompliance with IFRA 48 guidelines
Glycerin Humectant, which is a substance that allows skin to retain moisture; increases skin hydration, relieves dryness, and refreshes skin's surface; emollient, which means it can soften skin
Goat Milk Nutrient rich; promotes healthy skin biome; gentle
Grapeseed Oil One of the best natural oils for beard growth; ideal for hair that is dry, brittle, or dull looking in appearance; highly effective in fighting against hair loss because of its unique ability to block the production of the hormone DHT which is known to cause hair loss in men; contains high levels of linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that can help control acne by decreasing clogged pores; helps tone skin; helps decrease clogged pores; helps prevent moisture loss
Hemp Oil Helps balance oily skin, hydrating it and help regulate the skin's oil production
Jojoba Oil

Promotes hair growth and moisturizes to reduce breakage; reduces build up of sebum which can stunt hair growth; conditions, enhancing appearance and control

Karanja Oil Helps to reduce bone and joint pain when applied to the affected area; helps to reduce pain and improve healing in rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, aids in healing of skin infection such as boils, abscess, and eczema
Kokum Butter Helps heal dry and cracked skin; aids in improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks; rich in essential fatty acids, which softens the skin and helps promote elasticity; perfect for sensitive skin
Lard Moisturizer which shares similarity to human skin; absorbs effortlessly into the skin, softens and smooths skin tone; reduces the appearance of age spots; pH is similar to human skin; contains both monounsaturated and saturated fats, but no trans fat; Rich in vitamins A, D, and E, and omega 3 fatty acids
Lavender Essential Oil Soothes skin, improves acne, protects against free radicals, and combats bacterial and fungal disorders
Lavender Hydrosol May have regenerative effect on skin irritations; soothes and cools acne inflammation; anti-inflammatory; may provide relief from skin rashes, eczema, rosacea and dryness
Macadamia Nut Oil Known to help regenerate cells; moisturizer; anti-inflammatory
Mango Butter Known to boost skin's luster and natural radiance while reducing the appearance of dark spots; softening and soothing properties, cleanses impurities and unblocks pores; moisturizes skin and hair, it is rich in antioxidants and emollients as well as Vitamins A and E, supporting healthy skin and beard growth
Neem Oil Has anti-inflammatory properties; useful in removing inflammation in the joint, and letting swelling subside gradually; antibacterial and antifungal properties make it beneficial for treating inflammatory skin problems by soothing inflammation and allowing the skin to heal
Olive Oil Contains vitamins A, E & D; nourishes sensitive skin by preventing water loss
Optiphen ND Paraben and formaldehyde free preservative that protects against mold and bacteria
Palm Kernel Flakes Rich in lauric and myristic fatty acids; has non-GMO and non–allergenic moisturizing and skin softening properties; helps relieve dry and itchy skin and helps restore skin elasticity
Pantothenic Acid Vitamin B5, also called pantothenic acid, is one of the most important vitamins for human life; helps restore skin's natural hydration balance while repairing damaged skin tissue
Pink Himalayan Salt Has over 80 essential minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the skin; has anti-inflammatory properties that help heal and soothe skin; helps retain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin
Peppermint Essential Oil Naturally cleanses the skin; has antiseptic and antibacterial properties; has a cooling effect which soothes irritation and inflammation;  known to reduce pain and relax muscles
Retinol A form of vitamin A; aids the body in cellular turnover-the biological process where the body sheds skin cells and regenerate new, strong, radiant skin cells; avoid sun exposure
Rice Bran Oil Helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone; helps prevent occurrence of wrinkles by promoting skin elasticity; non allergenic
Rosehip Oil
Contains fatty acids and powerful antioxidants;  rejuvenates skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; brightens skin and soothes redness and irritation; calms acne; moisturizes skin
Rosemary Essential Oil Contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and puffiness of skin; helps heal burns and soothe skin
Seaweed Extract Palmaria Palmata is a red seaweed that activates microcirculation to improve a dull complexion; contains high levels of folate (vitamin b), magnesium, calcium, iron, and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5);helps heal rosacea, acne; for sensitive skin; helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; hydrates; helps skin maintain balance
Shea Butter Does not clog pores; anti-inflammatory; helps calm the skin; anti-aging; thought to increase collagen production
Sodium Hydroxide Lye; Creates a less acidic product that's safer to use on skin; in soap, lye is combined with animal fat or vegetable oil in a process called saponification; during the soap making process the lye is heavily diluted water, and added to the oils; mixture is poured into a mold for 24 hours, then cures for 4-6 weeks; during the curing process, the soap bars lose water weight, in which the sodium hydroxide is dissolved; lye is needed for the chemical process that soap goes through; lye is not present in the final product
Sodium Lactate Increases cell turnover and helps eliminate accumulated dead skin cells on the epidermis, the top layer of the skin; helps skin maintain smoother appearance with fewer fine lines and deep wrinkles
Sunflower Oil Rich in Vitamin E, nutrients and antioxidants; effective for combatting skincare issues like acne, inflammation, general redness and irritation of the skin; has emollient properties that help skin retain  moisture.
Tea Tree Essential Oil Has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial properties; thought to calm redness, swelling, and inflammation
Vitamin E Oil Can protect from the formation of wrinkles and other signs of aging; has shown to lessen stretch marks and lighten scars and dark spots; has shown to boost the production of collagen and elastin in skin cells
Walnut Oil Contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Vitamin E, B complex, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, phytosterols; helps relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and improve texture of skin; helps reduce inflammation and pain
Watermelon Seed Oil
Helps unclog pores; helps to diminish dark circles and puffiness around the eyes; known to help regenerate cells; moisturizer; anti-inflammatory
Witch Hazel Relieves inflammation, tightens pores; may help reduce acne; can cause irritation on dry or extremely sensitive skin